Hai! is an open-loop rewards platform. This means that you can earn points and redeem them from different establishments as long as they are part of the platform.

Points can be earned through the ff. ways:

Once you’ve collected enough points, visit our Rewards Catalog and pick out your reward and click Redeem! You will find instructions on how to claim your reward on the How to Redeem tab. Please note that processing and fulfillment period for each item varies since our rewards items are provided by different partners.

If the points you didn’t receive are from a transaction with a partner merchant, you can contact their store to ask them about your points. If the points you didn’t receive are from our promo codes, social media, and surveys, you can send us a message through our Contact Us page, or through our Facebook page

If you encounter any issues with the website while redeeming, you can contact us through the Contact Us page, or through our Facebook page. If fulfilment of your item is taking too long, you can contact the merchant indicated on the item you redeemed.

Sadly, Hai! Points cannot be transferred from one user to another. It can only be accessed through the email or mobile number they’re awarded to. This is why members need to be careful when providing their info for points.

Promo codes are given out during special ocassions as a treat to Hai! Members. Stay tuned to our Facebook page for the next promo code we have in store for you?

You can ask friends who are already Hai! members to refer you as a friend through the Earn More Points section of the website.You will then receive an email containing a unique referral code that you can use when you register to Hai!

We’re always open to building new partnerships! Just send us a message through the Contact Us page, or shoot us an email at hai@kioskadventures.com. Can’t wait to hear from you!

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